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Koch Richard knows that translation quality matters to your corporate image, so everything we do is focussed on providing you with the best quality translations, and we always ensure we have all the resources in place to do just that.

The Translation Process

Texts are received by our experienced and responsive coordinator who acts as liaison between our clients, manager and translation team.

Documents are then assessed by our manager so that they can be assigned to the translator best qualified to do the work. For projects that cross several fields of specialisation, our professionals collaborate in order to leverage their complementary skills. All translations are verified by a professional reviser who ensures the translation is true to the source and ensures the linguistic quality of the final text.

Marketing translations requiring target market localisation are handled by a specialist division with expertise in this area. Legal translations are handled by lawyers-translators.

The above process means that you always receive our highest quality work, produced with skill, dedication and commitment to your needs.

The languages we translate

Our core business is English-French and French-English translation, but we also offer professional translation services in other languages: Chinese (simplified or traditional), Spanish, Hindi/Hinglish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Punjabi, German, Korean, Italian, Polish, Tagalog/Taglish, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech.

Areas of Expertise

Benefit from our in-depth, proven experience in the following areas:    

  • Law: Contracts, legal updates, court decisions, rules and regulations
  • Finance: Economic and investment updates, financial statements, quarterly or annual commentaries, fund performance commentaries, annual reports
  • Insurance
  • Corporate: Human resources, letters, policies, internal communications, job descriptions, forms, websites
  • Science: Engineering, biology, environment, mining
  • IT: Software products, software manuals, user manuals and other background information related to information technology
  • Real estate and housing: Studies, policy, urban planning, brokerage, construction
  • Retail: Food, cosmetics, lotteries and gaming
  • Marketing and communications: Advertising, press releases, contest rules and regulations
  • Technical documents

And many more… just contact us with your requirements


Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Articulate Rise (training software), XLIFF files, VTT files (subtitling), Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio...

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