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Koch Richard is a full-service, dynamic, enterprising, responsive, quality-oriented translation firm. We are proud to offer you our translation services brought to you by our multidisciplinary, multilingual, dedicated, qualified and highly skilled team of translators, revisers, coordinators and specialists to provide you, our client, with the highest quality translations, taking the best possible care of you and your translation needs.

We offer a flexible, effective, fully tailored, professional service, allowing us to design and plan our offering to suit both your needs and the demands that your translations require, in your chosen language and selected field.

Koch Richard was founded in 2002, launching and developing our philosophy of making a qualitative difference in the translation sector. Since our creation we have consistently built up a solid reputation amongst our clients, whether government organisations or large corporations, for our sound approach, quality of translation, level of service and our enthusiasm for what we do.

Please take a look around our website to discover more about our services, our team and how we can work together with you to forge a lasting and professional arrangement for all your translation needs.

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